Joey Gladstone: “Do you want some…Wood?”

As in Full House, when Joey would have the chipmunk with him there were always an abundance of wood jokes. Wood has an abundance of impacts on today’s world.

What fascinates me the most is their ability to be “silent witnesses” as well as be co-evolutionary . Many tress in our own backyards have seen generations move in, out, and grow. Memories of tree houses, to pinatas hung by branches, kids jumping in leaves during fall all are from the same trees to people sometimes hundreds of years ago.

Trees can always give shade which then gives relaxation. On a warm summer day sitting beneath a big oak tree listening to the breeze rustle through the leaves brings people to peace. As Asian religion/philosophy discussed in Macauley, trees became sacred areas.

But, trees form together and make a forest, they become dark places many find almost forbidding. I think it is human nature to not want to go into something that does not have a definite way or knowing. As the Latin word foresta means outside, exclude, off-limits. I think that wood/forests shows a deeper meaning in ourselves. Looking outside of a forest an array of beautiful trees are shown, but as you walk deeper into the forest it becomes dark and sometimes scary. I think that could be a metaphor on when we go deeper inside ourselves, we discover dark and sometimes scary things about ourselves. As well as not many people want to get a deeper meaning, because it can be ambiguous.

As a child I used to always want to climb a tree. The satisfaction of being able to be high above ground motived me. I think the tall element of trees and how they over look the world shows their impact on us. If it was not for trees we would not be able to exist. They produce our oxygen and cool us down from the sun’s intense rays. Almost how parents over look their children, trees over look theirs:the world’s population.

Maybe Joey Gladstone liked to talk about wood because like to many of us have a connection to our care givers. Trees are our greatest one.


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  1. rhernandez3 says:

    Haha I like the Full House reference

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