Is it a Bird? an Airplane? No. It’s a cloud.

Usually the first thing you do when going outside is look up at the sky and see the clouds. For a moment, you think and automatically have an idea forming in your head. Clouds affect humans everyday and little do we think about their affects on us. Have you ever realized when there’s a dark and gloomy day, people tend to be less lively and some even begin to feel sick? Clouds are interesting in that they can affect humans on both sides of the spectrum. On a slightly-cloudy clear blue sky, the clouds in the sky may be completely white and give off such a wonderful scenery, while on a stormy day, clouds can look like the meanest thing you’ve ever seen.  It just always fascinated me how clouds can affect the mood of humans so much and how still no one really thinks much of them.

Pay for db Clouds 02 Clear Blue Sky 720x480   

I think the ability of clouds to alter your visual perception is another really astonishing ability. As a kid, I would always go outside and try picturing what certain clouds looked like. I remember looking at a cloud and thinking it looked like a rabbit but, as soon as my friend told me what he thought the same cloud looked like, I would be able to look at the cloud again and see what he had seen. This alteration of our visual perception is just so mind-blowing to me.

Clouds certainly have an affect on humans in many ways but the aspect of clouds and the sky that intrigues me the most, is how they trigger thought. Going back to my senior year in high school, I remember learning about micro-expressions, in forensics class. I’m sure many people have heard the myth that if a right-handed person looks to their right when saying something or when a left-handed person looks to their left, he/she is most likely lying. Well it turns out that “looking up,” is a good indicator that someone is attempting to think or recall a certain picture or information. I found this quite interesting because did you ever notice when your outside and are thinking of something, you tend to look up at the clouds? This aspect of clouds is definitely one that I really found most interesting.




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