I see a bunny


I see a bunny in those clouds, well I see a cloud. Clouds are our own Rorschach tests we give ourselves.

Has anyone ever been so lost in their own thoughts they need an answer form anything?

Usually we look for signs in our world to help guide us to the answers we want. Freud would use Rorschach tests to help the person understand what is going on in their brain. If someone sees a motherly figure in a picture of nothingness, usually that meant in their subconscious mind there mom was engulfing their cognition.

So, in cloud we can find things that help us see what we are thinking inside of our minds. My father and I when I was little used to like to look up to see what we saw in the clouds. I remember I would find the most abstract things in the swirls of a cloud. To him, he saw this as me being able to think outside of the “box” and which is why he saw me as a teacher. From how I saw different things he said he could tell I would able to think beyond others minds and help guide them to see different things.

From clouds, they are above us to help us think above what we usually do.


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