Her heads up in the Clouds

I hear this phrase all the time, I tell people what I do know and what I like to do and I get looks and they either tell me or others that I have “my head up in the clouds” bit in relating it to the quote at the end of the chapter about the clouds taking everything away and dreamers looking to the clouds, and it makes me wonder is it such a bad thing? To have your head in the clouds? Is it wrong to dream, many people consider what I do not real work, and think me wanting to act for Disney is having my head in the clouds, but what’s wrong with that, and what did clouds do to render that negative connotation and when did we say dreamers were wrong.  I think clouds have always been associated with the dreamers, a category I’ve always been put in, and I don’t think its such a bad thing.  Clouds are always moving and traveling, they seem to have no cares or weights and they are constantly changing shaping and evolving.  Those are all qualities that I find admirable in anyone, however some may not.  I believe in the dreamers, those who have their heads in the clouds, after all someone has to be the ballerinas, the president, the CEOs, and yes even the fairies and the princesses, why not me or anyone else?
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