Gendered Polarity of Ice and Snow

Before reading this interstice, I had the ideas of two video games I love dearly that feature some aspect of these elements in my head. Ice and snow were represented with female and male attributes respectfully.

The first game I’ll discuss is called Enchanted Arms:

The basis of the game falls in the hands of a man named Atsuma who attends Yokohama University in the fictional town of Yokohama City. He accidentally awakens a Devil Golem, one of the most powerful beings known, and has to fight to find some way to destroy her. The game involves the main antagonist, the Devil Golem known as the Queen of Ice:

She embodies the characteristics of ice, fragility (also a connotation of being a woman), but strong, elegant, yet destructive, and detached, yet fervorous.  She lives in the far north, in an enchanted castle made completely of ice, awaiting the hot-headed protagonist to come defeat her. Ice generally is engendered by females, and the Queen of Ice fits the role perfectly.

The other game I wanted to bring up was Final Fantasy XIII:

This game features the stories of 6 characters, tied together by fate after an accident that changes their lives forever. They must complete their Focus, a mission given in a vision by the superhuman, god-like beings named fal’Cie. I’d like to specifically talk about one character, named Snow:

To quote the interstice itself, he is much like snowflakes themselves, “suiciding themselves like kamikaze pilots.” He’s of a bulky frame, tough to attack head on, but worn down after a while. He also has an active side of him that shows compassion for others, presents himself with a gentle nature normally, and is playful in nature. He’s very masculine as a character, and the element of snow can be seen to match this masculine nature.

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