Cold Winter’s Night

One of my favorite times during the year is the winter particularly because it is the season in which my birthday is in and because I just love snow and skiing. In addition to Winter, I also extremely enjoy the night time a lot making a cold winter’s night one of my favorite experiences. It’s tough to say whether I am a morning person or night person because I have contradictory feelings. First, I am the type of person who always gets up early, regardless of going to be late, or it being a weekend, I can never sleep in past a certain time and personally, enjoy getting up early. When it comes to going to work or school, i prefer going in the mornings because I feel as if I can be more focused and awake then in the afternoon. Although I enjoy the mornings, I also like to stay up late sometimes (well until 11:00pm which for some of you isn’t late at all) on school days. Although I don’t like working at a job at night, I really enjoy doing my homework at that time. I am one of those people who like/need it to be quiet for me to think logically and do my homework. This is why I usually do my homework early in the morning (at like 6am) or late at night at around 9pm. Despite being able to do homework in the mornings and at night, when it comes down to writing assignments such as essays, I prefer to write them in the nighttime. I don’t know why but for some reason I have noticed that when I write a paper during the nighttime, it seems to be better than one which I wrote earlier in the day. I tend to have fewer mistakes and use more sophisticated words for some reason.

Going back to the night. I really enjoy the night sky especially when the sky is clear and you can see all the stars. The sight in itself is just relaxing and allows me to reflect on my long day or week and somehow free’s me from my stresses. Personally I don’t know the validity of the myth that blue eyed people see better at night but one other reason why I enjoy the nighttime, is because i like the cool weather. I often enjoy playing sports at night as well for some reason. Skiing however, is by far my favorite thing to do in the nighttime. Although the sky is dark, the lights and snow illuminate the slope and just give a totally different experience. One of my favorite experiences with the nighttime is either skiing or driving when it is snowing towards the direction you are going in. I don’t know how many of you have experienced this and know what I am talking about but rarely during a snowstorm, rather than falling straight down, the wind will cause the snow to blow towards a certain direction. When you’re travelling in the opposite direction, the image you get is extraordinary. The best way i can put it is picturing yourself moving through the galaxy.


On page 288 of his book, Macauley states that

“Night invites immersion and participation. It provides voluptuous depth by deleting distance, or at least depriving us of the visual experience of it. While day is beautiful, night is sublime.”

I completely agree with Macauley’s theory. There are many things you can do in the nighttime that you wouldn’t usually do in the day. For example,  many parties regardless of whether it be a wedding or beach party, take place during the nighttime. The night time is often the time when we come together and immerse ourselves in games and family matters. Imagine just sitting outside by a fireplace roasting marshmallows during a chilly winter’s night all while talking about something The nighttime is truly the only time when one can finally relax after a long day of work and reflect upon their day. It is a time for bonding and celebrating those things which matter most to us.  So next time your feeling stressed or just need some time to think, sit outside under the night sky and let your mind drift away.


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  1. wcturgeon says:

    I love the image of driving through the snow as moving through a galaxy. While I doubt many will agree to your love of driving in those conditions, that so nicely captures the potential magic of movement in snow.

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