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Joey Gladstone: “Do you want some…Wood?”

As in Full House, when Joey would have the chipmunk with him there were always an abundance of wood jokes. Wood has an abundance of impacts on today’s world. What fascinates┬áme the most is their ability┬áto be “silent witnesses” as … Continue reading

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Professor Oak

From pencils to firewood, wood has helped shape cultures and continues to do so around the world. Prior to reading Macauley’s Interstice: Wood, we, as a class, confirmed a variety of ways in which wood maintains and expands societies in … Continue reading

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On Interstice: Wood

A healthy wooded area one day, a plaza parking lot the next: we have all experienced this despair when a forest is demolished and cleared to make room for human consumerism. I am disheartened when woods are leveled and hope … Continue reading

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