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Light Show in the Sky

Reading our interstice on Cloud had me think of the weather, in particular, thunderstorms. Even though they can be noisy, dangerous, and could cause you to lose power in your home, I’ve always enjoyed a good thunderstorm. I love the … Continue reading

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Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight

The style of Interstice: Cloud mirrors that of a cloud itself. Perhaps that is why I admire this section the most. I found the passage to be very poetic, as Macauley incorporates ethereal diction and complex structure.  The interstice is … Continue reading

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Clouds: part II

Under our header of Air you will find  a  page which invites you to think about Clouds.  This post will invite you to explore cloud imagery as suggested by David Macauley and by myself.  Can you identify the images that … Continue reading

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