Beware the Frozen heart

When I first read the ice section and then again when I reviewed it, I thought immediately of Disney and Frozen.  It’s no secret at this point that I love disney, and doing birthday parties right has made me unnaturally familiar with the movie, and the theme’s and while watching it for the umpteenth time so I was familiar with all the details to make myself the best actress at the part, I started to think about the deeper meanings of the songs and the characters.

This song in particular came to mind when reading about ice and snow.  We have this love but also fear for the ice and the snow.  It is equal parts beautiful and dangerous, but there’s always something deeper to it and it has its uses to insulate and keep thing ready to grow for the spring.  I just drew a lot of connections between the chapter and the movie, because you have to do something when you’re hearing the CD for conservatively the 100th time.

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