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My Time with Sam Geodude: A Wildly Boring Adventure

Unfortunately I was not able to offer Sam the adventures the rest of you guys did. Our journey consisted of school, home, and Justice. I did not bring him to the daycare because kids get surprisingly hyped up over rocks … Continue reading

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Reaction to Heat and Cold: Heat Miser and Snow Miser

While there are people who love summer and people who love winter, we generally tend to hate the extreme weather conditions. On the hottest summer day, many of us beg for winter to come, and once it does, we find … Continue reading

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Reaction to Clouds: Finding Something out of Nothing

“In its dynamic intoxication, the imagination uses the cloud like an ectoplasm┬áthat sensitizes our mobility. In the long run nothing can resist the invitation of the clouds to travel as they patiently float by, again and again, far up in … Continue reading

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