Absence vs Presence

When you’re afraid of something like the dark, the easiest way (in my experience) to conquer it is to dissect it. When you get underneath a fear, you can see the monster for what it really is. Often, fears are exasperated when we don’t understand the thing we’re afraid of, and we can come understand that sometimes what is there and what is not isn’t so complicated after all.
We live in a world of opposites. There is dark, and there is light. Evil and good. Hot and cold. But with the physical qualities there is really only a presence or an absence of one, resulting in a perceived deficit or abundance of the other.
The physical trait that there is an absence or presence of is usually associated as the positive side of the spectrum. Heat is necessary for living things while the cold is harmful, and temperature is scientifically a presence or absence of heat. Likewise, dark is considered scary by nearly all small children and can be dangerous while light is associated with enlightenment and growth (of course, darkness is an absence of light).
Why is it that we have naturally adjusted to a mindset where presence is positive? Is it just a coincidence, or do we align more with a characteristic that is present than what occurs when it is absent?

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