My Time with Sam Geodude: A Wildly Boring Adventure

Unfortunately I was not able to offer Sam the adventures the rest
 of you guys did. Our journey consisted of school, home, and 
Justice. I did not bring him to the daycare because kids get 
surprisingly hyped up over rocks and I knew they would fight over 
him. I meant to take a picture of Sam helping me fold sparkly 
fuzzy sweaters at Justice but the other manager with me was giving
me weird looks so I decided against it. 

Sam did have an enjoyable time with my dog, Sammy, though. 

Apparently my dog also gets hyped up over rocks. 

I think Sam felt right at home.
Sam was there to calm my nerves as I dealt with end of the 
semester stress. 
He helped me out with secret Santa.
But still had time to lecture me.

And reminded me to bring the peanut butter.

It was a difficult goodbye for Sam and Sammy.
image   image
We had a lovely drive to school together on Wednesday.
image    image
And by lovely I mean awful. 
But hey, we made it.
And still with time to spare for Sam to lecture me once again.
We had quite the adventure together.


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