Heat and Cold: How it makes a difference on the outside and on the inside

Heat and cold are certainly two things I think humans are grateful for. Whether it be blasting the A/C on a sweltering hot summer day or turning up the heat and seat warmers on a chilling day, it’s quite amazing how us humans like to be in a comfortable climate.

Despite using AC or heat, what I found most interesting from the chapter corresponding to “heat and cold,” was how humans are capable of adjusting to a wide range of external temperatures. Whether it be -20 degrees or 100 degrees (Both in Fahrenheit) outside, it’s amazing how the human body can adjust to these temperatures. Yes, you may be cold or hot on certain days of the year, but your body’s ability to adjust to these temperatures, is a phenomenal feature that allows you to survive. On the other hand, the internal temperature in humans can vary only so much before your severely ill or even dead. Humans are technically supposed to have a body temperature around 98.6 Deg. Fahrenheit. But, should your actual temperature differ from this by roughly 10 Deg. in either direction, you will most likely either be dead or experiencing life-threatening conditions.


Another aspect of the human body which I think is really interesting, is its use of heat and cold to protect your body from bacteria and viruses. Nowadays, many people like to take Tylenol or Advil when they are feeling sick and have a fever. What most people don’t realize is that thus fever, is your body’s natural response to fight off the bacteria. By raising your internal body temperature, your body is essentially trying to burn the bacteria to death and is why a fever can actually help your body return to normal faster. The same goes for spicy foods. Not many people know this but when you are experiencing a sore throat or a cold, eating spicy foods can actually help you fight off the sickness faster. This is because the spicy food/ is essentially burning the bacteria inside your throat and body. Although it may feel unpleasant at first, it will actually benefit you in the long-run.


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